Born and raised in South Australia I moved to Victoria in 2014, and together with my husband we run South Serenity Arabians and the Kilmore Equestrian Centre in Kilmore Victoria.

As a child I was obsessed with everything to do with horses and got my first horse at age 13. This has culminated to being involved with horses for over forty years.

As a teenager I was inspired to become a vet and spent months with numerous vets to experience all aspects of this professional life. Never did I fulfill this dream but still have the burning desire to care and treat animals to ensure optimal health and the best care possible.

I have solid knowledge on conformation conditioning and soundness and have been a national horse judge for over 22 years also I have the backing and support of our local veterinarians, chiropractors, body workers and equine specialists.

For 30 years I have foaled down mares of our own including client’s mares. I have learnt so much horsemanship during my lifetime with horses and have realised that the health and wellbeing and soundness of mind is the starting point for optimal health and happiness for any horses.

I have a kind gentle way but persistence and dedication to have the ability to create wonderful bonds with human and horse. I have had proven success to weaning foals in a safe kind manner and within weeks having weanlings settled, hand walking rugging and loading on a float with a no fuss method. I have rehabilitated horses back from colic surgery, stress founder and many bad injuries.

My attention to detail and personalised touch allows me the opportunity to give your horses the absolute best care at our premium safe facility.